Welcome to Endless Frontier Data

This site provides information relating to the game Endless Frontier, available for Android and Apple devices. See the links page for download links. Much of the work behind this page is a collaborative effort behind members of the largest Endless Frontier Discord. Join us by clicking here.

2021-06-30 - Data Update

Some new data rolled out, and minor changes to allow 10* artifacts to work.

2021-05-06 - Minor Update

This news post is mostly to confirm the site is still being updated with new data as necessary. Translations are still a bit hit and miss unfortunately but if improvements can be made they will be.

2020-10-27 - New Data Rollout

Its been a fair while since a news post. As a quick update today all the latest data in game has been added. Additionally some of the resistance bits for Guild Raids has been disabled. Its been fairly broken for a while and will hopefully be rewritten soon.

Next, the new equipment pages have been mostly put on hold, as there isn't really much to gain from adding them here, but if they become important this might change.

Finally information regarding Dragons is now being looked at to be added here.