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This site provides information relating to the game Endless Frontier, available for Android and Apple devices. See the links page for download links. Much of the work behind this page is a collaborative effort behind members of the largest Endless Frontier Discord. Join us by clicking here.

2019-05-27 - A few updates

There have been a couple of updates recently, which I didn't bother to note. So here is everything:

  • H15 Units and Pets Added.
  • Artifact stats are fixed. Many thanks to mZex for help with that!
  • Various translations added that were missing, including for Raid 5.
  • A selection of other minor bugs and such were fixed.

2019-05-09 - Data Update

A few minor tweaks under the hood and various new bits of data added. Including:

  • H14 Pets Skills
  • New Event Pets
  • Some new artifacts
  • Additional Quests

2019-03-07 - Minor Update

Added new H14 units/pets and tidied up some missing translations.